Effective Ways To Reduce Your Cooling Cost

The use of air condition units has increased in the recent years due to the extremely hot temperature that prevails all over the year. It is evident that air conditioning units consume a lot of power and increases your monthly electricity bills. People thus minimize the use of AC so that they cut off the cooling cost. There are various ways you can use the AC units and prevent the consumption of extra power. Look for blogs on various popular websites on How to Save Hundreds on Your Cooling Bill This Year. The link lists some of the energy saving tips to reduce your current monthly bills.

Cooling costs are quite expensive. Follow certain energy efficient tips to cut off your cooling cost. The article below offers from useful tips and ways to reduce your cooling cost.

Buy An Efficient AC Unit
It is highly recommended to purchase an energy efficient air conditioning unit as latest AC units come with attractive energy efficient features. The cost of energy efficient AC unit is a little bit expensive, but it is worth investing in it as it can help you to reduce your cooling cost to a greater extent. It is a wise initiative to replace your old window AC units which are nearly ten years old with a new energy efficient AC unit. This can reduce your cooling cost to nearly 30-50 percent. This would be an excellent option when you reside in a humid climate.

Clean AC Filters
Proper and regular maintenance of your AC units is essential so that the unit is energy efficient and cut off your cooling cost. See that you clean your AC filters regularly as the dirt and dust that gets deposited in the AC filters increases the power consumption. Dirty air filters are responsible for the breakdown of the majority of AC units.

Fix The Leaks
Cooling ducts of AC units are prone to leakage, and this could affect the performance of the air conditioning unit. See that you fix leaks of AC duct so that you reduce the power consumption of the AC unit installed for meeting the cooling needs.

Switch To CFL Lamps
People normally make use of incandescent lights in their house. But the use of incandescent light consumes more power. So it is better to switch to CFL lamps as it helps in reducing the cooling cost. This is due to the amount of heat that comes out from ordinary lamps. Incandescent lamp release more heat thus increasing your cooling cost. It is seen that ninety percent of electricity is used up for heating up the ordinary lamps. To avoid excess heating, switch to CFL lamps as the heat emitted is quite less and reduces your cooling costs.

Install A Thermostat
A programmable thermostat serves a specific purpose. It plays a major role in cutting off your cooling cost. A programmable thermostat which helps set the temperature of your AC unit based on your need. You can set the temperature to nearly four to five degrees warmer when you’re away from the house.

The above are the various ways to cut off your cooling cost and improve the efficiency of the cooling system.