Metatarsalgia- A Prevalent Forefoot Injury


Metatarsalgia is a natural medical condition that injures the ball of the foot. Metatarsi is a set of five long bones that joins the toes to the ankle. The symptoms of metatarsalgia arise due to some common reasons. People who have arthritis may develop pain in their forefoot. Many athletes also complain of the foot metatarsalgia injury in the later stages of their life. The forefoot injury may also occur because of inappropriate use of footwear. You can read More Here about the causes of metatarsalgia by searching on reliable websites.

Keep yourself away from the common causes
When you wear narrow shoes, the sensitive nerves between the metatarsal bones get pressed against each other and swell up slowly but surely. Too much pressure on the metatarsus causes the forefoot injury. If you continue to ignore the inflammation, it may get worse with time. Walking without proper precaution can rub the foot bones together and enhance the swelling. Try wearing more full shoes during such circumstances to avoid adverse consequences. Rest your feet and do not put a lot of pressure when you develop metatarsalgia.

Medical procedures involved
The treatments offered to cure metatarsalgia focuses on relieving pain and discomfort. Some home remedies may also help in easing the irritation. You can apply ice on the affected foot for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wrap the ice with some cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin. You can also purchase ice packs which are available online or any local medical store. The remedy has proven to have shown considerable improvements for many people.

Are pain-killers effective?
Individual pain-killing tablets are also available in case of chronic pain. Anti-inflammatory pills like ibuprofen can cure the pain and reduce swelling to a certain extent. Avoid putting pressure on the feet. Do not walk for a long time as it may increase the inflammation and the situation may go out of control. Opting for comfortable shoes that are not tight and offer proper cushioning to your feet can help you in keeping away from such injuries. You can also buy cushioned insoles for your footwear that are readily available in online stores.

Exercise can be beneficial
People going for regular walks and activities are capable of maintaining perfect body weight. As obese and heavy people are more likely to develop symptoms of metatarsalgia, exercises can be beneficial in preventing this forefoot pain. Ignoring the pain caused due to metatarsi bones can lead to a problematic condition. The pain can spread to different parts of feet or parts of the body if you keep it untreated for a long time.

Prepare yourself for the surgery
If you do not sense any improvement even after trying every single remedy such as splints, stretches and wide shoes, then you should opt for operation. You may have got worried after reading the surgical option. You cannot live with the pain of your entire life. With the development in the medical field, the success rate of these kinds of operations has elevated to a top notch. Hence, you need to get prepared for this medical procedure. The surgical procedure will have a positive impact on your health.

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