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How To Unleash Your Divine Feminine Potential And Make Delivery Easy? Read This!

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Pregnancy and delivery are greatly significant phases in every woman’s life. These phases are blessings which only women can enjoy. But as a woman, are you approaching the delivery phase rightly? Most often, it is dominated by worries and anxiety that you forget to enjoy the bliss of womanhood. But is the worry necessary? Definitely no! See what says about this! You are born with the power to deliver your baby easily. You just have to realize your inner strength.

According to, nowadays many of the pregnant ladies are so worried about natural delivery that they request for cesarean birth even before trying a vaginal delivery. Lack of proper awareness and encouragement is the reason in most such cases. If you are aware of your true potential, then such unnecessary worries and fears are never going to hinder your way.

How to nourish the hidden power?
The task of realizing your inner strength has mental as well as physical aspects. The mental aspect is mainly related to your thought processes. Once the thoughts are directed towards the right aim, then the mission is half accomplished. Fear of pain is the first and foremost thing that has to be eliminated. Instead of fears fill your mind with confidence, positive thoughts, and hopes. Meditation and good counseling can help in setting your mindset right.

Physically, your body should also be ready to go through delivery without making it a terrible experience. Your uterus and the cervix are the two parts which play the major role in your delivery. Tantric ideology believes that cervix is straightaway connected to the heart of a woman and hence it acts as a gateway. Some medical experts say that cervix is the part of the body where a form of energy called kundalini is concentrated. Such an energy is there in everybody, but it is often unrealized. Pregnancy and birth are the best times to make the full use of this energy.

Cervix and birth
The common notion is that everything such as menstrual cycle, etc. associated with cervix is dirty. Women are conditioned with such thoughts that they have so much of negativity gathered in their cervix. If you are full of stress, fear, and anxiety, do you think your cervix would gather enough positive energy to release your baby? No, it is not going to happen unless your cervix is filled with positive energy right from a young age. You cannot go back in time and change things, so at least during pregnancy, you should try to focus on building positive energy in your cervix.

Ways to develop positive energy
Find time for meditation and relax your cervix. Gentle massages on the cervix with your fingertips would also help. Visualize the cervix and pelvis. Imagine the birth procedure in your thoughts; the cervix opening in full vigor, releasing your baby and then going back to the relaxed state. These visualizations would, in turn, ease your anxieties and help you to build positive energy.

So, work on these points. Find your inner strength and nurture it! Believe in yourselves!